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We provide fast, easy and secure file transfer products and backup services. We create file flow.


Fileflow Technologies AS is a pioneer in the world of professional file transfer products. Our technological origins began over 10 years ago and originated from FAST (previously Fast Search & Transfer). Long and extensive experience in digital data transfer is today combined with cutting-edge Java technology.

Today we are a trusted provider by thousands of users from all around the World. Everyone transfers data, and everyone needs to backup their data. We enable you to do it fast, easy and secure.
  Our products are used by reknown companies and we are represented in many sectors such as finance, the oil and gas industry, shipping and contractors. Our products are integrated and important tools for photographers, designers, printers, advertising agencies, publishers and media companies.

Fileflow replaces conventional methods of file transfer that today have become obsolete or cumbersome. We help people to streamline the ever-increasing information flow, and simplify file transfer.


Fileflow is recommended for professional use for the following reasons:
  • Automatic compression (without any quality loss)
  • Optimization of data stream during transfer.
  • Utilization of all available bandwidth.
  • Convenient administration from the MyFileflow web portal.
  • User-friendly applications, available from the desktop and also online.
  • Platform-independence across all operating systems.
  • Encrypted transfers. Approved by NIST, see SP 800-57
  • Digitally signed email notification system.
  • 24/7/365 monitored high-security data center, EN ISO 9001:2000 certified.
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