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We offer fast, easy and secure file transfer. We create file flow.


Fileflow AS specialize in products for file transfer and online backup. Our technological origins started over 10 years ago, and our long experience with data transfers is today combined with cutting-edge Java technology.


- Send large files efficiently and securely.
- Receive large files from your own website or through your system.
- Backup your crucial data automatically.


Our products help people with the ever-increasing flow of information.
We have replaced the original methods of transferring data, which today are considered obsolete, inconvenient, and insecure. We have the solution for every file transfer need, and we ensure that your files are backed up automatically. We transfer digital data fast, easy and secure.
- Automatic compression (lossless).
- Optimalization of the data stream.
- Utilize the full potential of your bandwidth.
- Easy and convenient web portal.
- User friendly applications on your desktop and online.
- Platform independent software.
- Encrypted transfers and storage.
- ISO certified, 24/7 monitored data center.
- Digitally signed email notifications.


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